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Being a Leader


We currently have adult staff and volunteers in Riverside Brookfield High School and three middle schools (Hauser, Gross, and Komarek) in the area.  

By being around RB students, we get to see into their lives.  We begin to realize and see how difficult their world can actually be and we care for them.  In a way, Young Life leaders act much like mentors or big brothers and sisters.  So to generalize our impact in their lives, one could simply see any Young Life leader as a friend or mentor that wants the best for their friends. 

But here is the deal, we need some help.  If you want to be a Young Life or WyldLife leader and make a difference in a high school or Jr. High student's life, call us up (630) 335-3966.


Young Life Riverside/Brookfield | PO Box 472 Riverside, IL 60546-6472

Phone: 630.335.3966

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