​W​yldLife is the junior high equivelent to Young Life.  A team of adults, college students and high school leaders are developing meanin​gful, mentoring relationships to care for students as well as unifying the students of Gross, Hauser, and Komarek through weekly meetings (WyldLife Club and Campaigners). 

WyldLife leaders are there to listen, act as role models, and present the Christian faith in terms teens can understand.

All students from Gross, Hauser, and Komarek are invited to be a part of WyldLife Club every Thursday through-out the school year, a weekend retreat in the Fall and our Summer camp trip. 

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The WyldLife Staff

Caitie Rusen

She is 21 years old and has been leading WyldLife for 3 years. She will graduate from Elmhurst College this Spring and came on part time WyldLife Student Staff this Fall.


Chesleigh Jarrett

She is 28 years old, current Oak Park resident and graduate from Wheaton College. She has been on full-time Young Life staff for the last 5 years and officially became the RBYL Area Director this summer.

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