​Kylee's Story

Kylee and a group of her WyldLIfe girls at camp last summer
​I grew up being told that when I was old enough, I was going to go to Young Life. My parents both went to Young Life together at LT in the  90s, so they had been advocating for me to go for as long as I can remember. When high school finally came around, and it was time for me to go to club, I was so nervous. None of my friends would go with me, and I was really nervous that I was going to be sitting in the back of the room by myself. But I went anyway. When I got there, I saw this senior girl that I happened to know through the few times I did Wyldlife during middle school. She recognized me immediately. She then called me over, and spent the whole night with me. I think that in and of itself is what makes Young Life so uniquely amazing. Simply welcoming in new people, people you wouldn’t typically talk to, and getting to know them in a way that would never be possible in a school or club setting. Young Life, and later on WyldLife, has offered me relationships, and a community that has forever changed my life. I met my leader, Sarah, who has become one of the people I trust and respect most in this world. It also allowed for me to meet the girls that I lead, who have impacted my life as much as I hope I’ve impacted theirs. Therefore, when I got my first job, and my mom told me that donating some of the money I earned would make me a more well-rounded person, of course I chose Young Life to be that recipient. I wasn’t donating to just another organization. I was donating to community, and to relationships that will change lives forever. - Kylee

​Josh's Story

Josh at the 2017 Young Life banquet
​Our son Joshua has Down Syndrome and is 22 years old. Josh started getting involved in YL about a 1 1/2 years ago through other students at RB High school. He immediately felt welcome, accepted and comfortable with the group. He enjoys all of their company and looks forward to any and all events. He in his own way has responded to the Christian values that are reinforced. And he is more conscious of his spirituality. He prays for those in need and is more aware of a higher power in his life.
  Josh attended YL summer camp for the first time ever away from us, and by himself. In short, he had a blast. He experienced and did things for the first time through the help and encouragement of the wonderful children and young adults at the camp. He did a rope course, zip lining, go carts and topped it off by singing solo at the talent contest among the most enthusiastic encouragement of the crowd. He was thrilled.
   The activities and messaging of positive, inclusive, and Christian based living has certainly effected Josh in a positive way. And for that he, and we are grateful. -Lisa and Dan

​The Clarkson's Story

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The Clarkson Family
​When we first heard about RBYL from friends, we were glad to hear how it was really taking off, but we were busy. We were already involved at our church and school, and didn't think we had time (or money) for another "thing". Then it got personal. Our oldest son started attending YL meetings due to the persistent invitations of a YL leader. He loved it and was encouraged when he saw all the students who were involved.  It wasn’t long before he started attending Campaigners, and then signed up for summer camp. He came back changed and stronger in his faith. This had an influence on his brothers who also started attending YL. Over the years, we have seen the impact YL has on our kids and many other students, and we are thrilled. We are now involved as parents and regularly financially support this organization because it reaches kids like no other organization I know. OUR KIDS NEED THIS! - Joyce and Fred

​Nora's Story

Nora and her daughter Kyle at the 2017 Young Life Banquet
​Our family has been involved in Young Live since Dan and I were in High School over 20 years ago. When we found out about WyldLife 7 years ago we encouraged our oldest to try it.  She went for three years with out any of her friends.  It was the leaders that kept her coming back.  When she went to High School she started her first day knowing many more people than just her Junior high classmates.  This was the beginning of RBYL for our family with 4 daughters.
  Kylee went on to be a leader for Wyldlife and a regular member of all things YL. She’s developed relationships with leaders and younger girls that have helped her through very difficult times and celebrated her successes.  Kylee has been followed by her 3 younger sisters who have all enjoyed all that Young life/Wyldlife has to offer.
This organization has enriched our daughters lives in so many ways.  RBYL leaders and friends are there for our girls whenever they need.  It is comforting to know that our girls have quality people who are there for them and love them all the time.  I know my kids have called on these people for support, advice, comfort and love.  And they have never disappointed.  This organization is proof of God’s love for all these kids.  I feel blessed RBYL is such an important part of our lives. - Nora

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