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Timberwolf Lake
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Young Life Club!
The heartbeat of Young Life and WyldLife in the RB community is Club.  Here's the information for this Fall's Clubs.
Young Life:
WHEN:  Every Wednesday
WHERE: 82 Woodside Rd in Riverside
TIME:  8:00-9:15 pm

WHEN: April 4
WHERE: RB Cafeteria
TIME: 7:00-8:15 pm
RB WyldLife

With the growth of Young Life at RB and an ever increasing Club, the RB Young Life committee sought to expand into the Jr. High world and develop WyldLife.

On November 1st, RBYL hired Molly Hamilton, a former Jr. High math teacher in Berwyn, to be the WyldLife director for the RB area. 

Molly brings a love for Jr. High students, nine years of experience working with kids of that age, and a passion to tell kids about the love of Christ.

If you want to find out more about Molly or RB WyldLife, email her, she'd love to meet you all!


 7 to 7


 February 15th, 2014 we are going on an adventure.  From 7 PM to 7 AM we're going to go all over Chicago doing things like Xtreme Trampoline, ice skating, bowling, laser tag, and more.  It's the best way to kick off our Spring semester and we want all of RB to come.  Find out more!


2014 High SchoolSummer Camp at Castaway Club


This summer RB is heading to Young Life's Castaway Club in Detroit Lakes, MN.  There are 90 available spots.

For more information about our trip to Castaway, click here.